From Webcam to Animated GIF: the Secret Behind!

I wrote a guest post for David Walsh’s blog! Here’s it: From Webcam to Animated GIF: the Secret Behind! Read it if you want to find out how to make GIFs with your webcam in JavaScript.

David asked me if I could write this article past year in November. I very clearly remember reading the email at an insane hour while I was jetlagged in Vancouver, right after CascadiaJS had finished, but I have been busy with approximately 18912731823 other things in the meantime. There were also browser bugs to be isolated and fixed, so it’s been a bit of time since then.

It’s funny that I’m flying back to Portland for CascadiaJS and then Vancouver again next week.

Well, actually it’s not funny, it’s thrilling. Yay!

See you there if you’re there, or see you here when I’m back! :-)

“Just turn it into a node module”, and other mantras Edna taught me

Here are the screencast and the write up on the talk I gave today at One-Shot London NodeConf. As usual I diverge a bit from the initial narrative and I forgot to mention a couple of topics I wanted to highlight, but I have had a horrible week and considering that, this has turned out pretty well!

It was great to meet so many interesting people at the conference and seeing old friends again! Also now I’m quite excited to hack with a few things. Damn (or yay!).

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Extensible Web Summit Berlin


Speculation increased, people asked if I was going to speak at JSConf.EU–well, no!

But I’ll be in Berlin for part of that week, as I’ll be involved in at least one of the JSFest events though.

The one I can announce for now is the Extensible Web Summit which is the second edition of the unconference for web standards that already happened in San Francisco past March.

On the other hand, my not-so-secret ambition is to be seeing a bit of Berlin too, because… I love that city! Past year I hardly had any chance to do that, and I have also been wanting to visit the Computer Spiele Museum for the last three years, when I was in Berlin and found about the museum right before leaving back to Spain. Other than that I don’t have any specific plan, but I wouldn’t mind if you let me know about the places with good coffee!

I will also be hanging around during “social events” time! Super yay!

The app incident

I went to buy something today, in a physical store. Suddenly, at pay time, while I was focused on finding the purse on my bag, the assistant asked something that I didn’t get:

“grnrbgmrbg app?”


“Have you downloaded our app?”

I looked at him, my hands clutching my purse about to be open to pay. Your app? Why would I…?, I wondered for a second. But my honesty won over politeness and hypocrisy:



I felt that final sting of doubt, of restraint–do I, do I not? But this was the equivalent of flashing a full screen banner before I type in my credit card number at check out time in an online shop. An unwelcome interruption. Awful.

“And I won’t. Because it’s pointless.”

“Is that because you don’t have an smartphone?”

“No, it’s because I don’t want your app. What’s the point? I don’t need it. And I am sorry that you have to ask this.”

“It’s OK”

No, it’s not OK. It’s not OK for you and it’s not OK for me. It’s wholly stupid.

Stores of the world, I am NOT going to download your app.

What about you fix your websites instead so they are usable on small screens, and not a mess of tables and banners and badly broken JavaScript drop down menus?

We will be talking business then.

Literally spam

I often receive requests for exchanging links and guest posts in this blog, which I dutifully mark as spam since they are fully unsolicited. Today, however, I got a new style of unsolicited request, where someone wants to “be mentioned” by me.

The whole email sounds as if it had gone through several translation-untranslation cycles, and the more I read it the more hilarious that I find it. So here is it, verbatim, except names replaced, and links to the product have been omitted because I’m literally not mentioning them.

Dear Soledad Penadés,

This is XXX from XYZ Technology Co., Ltd. and we’ve created Whatever, which would be explained in detail below.
We are looking for a better coverage of our product and that’s why I come to you.

We are a new startup aimed at making life much easier, in other words, rolling the world faster. Whatever is a Chrome extension that helps humans to save pics, pdf files and other web files directly to cloud storages(Dropbox or Google Drive at this moment). With this sword, humans don’t need to download their files from Internet first, then rediculously upload them back to Internet again. This surely improves humans’ productivity. We care about productivity, though we still get up late in the morning. Files attached are some pics about Whatever, very gentle ones. We believe this is a valuable idea and it is worth being spread wide.

Previously, we were reported by and some other medias worldwide
And this one is from a small media but the writer is very talented in literally writting, check it out: (link)

Here is the link to Whatever in Chrome Web Store:
(another link)
And our home page is (whatever link) You can also download whatever from there.
Need more info, please tell me!
Thanks in advance

You’re welcome, XYZ =)

Edit: why helping humans and not doges?