Faux 8-bit

I found this homage to Hayao Miyazaki in 8-bit:

Hayao Miyazaki Tribute in 8-bit from whoispablo on Vimeo.

Liking both things, I went to have a look, only to be a tad disappointed. That, friends, is as 8-bit as I am newschool. Since I like things to be correct and proper, let’s explain a few things about 8-bit aesthetics and why 99% of the “retro/8-bit looking” material we hear about would be just plain impossible in 8-bit lands.
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Keeping clean

A week or so ago James Coglan tweeted this:

It reflects perfectly why I didn’t get too much into Python other than writing isolated scripts that worked well with themselves and didn’t require extra packages, because installing them was a pain and different in each system (compiling, package managers, other package managers, eggs, pip, bla, bla). And then there was the virtualenv solution, but that adds another layer of managing that I have to deal with. I just want to get things done and be able to distribute them in a manner that makes it easy for other people to use my software.

This reminded me that I had to spend a whole afternoon a while ago trying to make some brew-installed packages operate in harmony with other libraries/binaries in my system. It was so tedious and fuzzy I can’t even remember what the problem was actually. Just the notion that installing all the software and making it all available into a global scope === bad, because different versions will require other different versions. And either everything works in harmony and life is beautiful, or you spent a rainy afternoon feeling miserable because of the weather and the incompatible binaries.
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Audio for the masses

The video above is from LXJS – the Lisbon JavaScript conference, which happened more than a month ago. I gave this talk past week again at VanJS, so I decided it was time for that belated write up on this talk.

If you want to follow along, or play with the examples, the slides are online and you can also check out the code for the slides.

As I’ve given this talk several times I keep changing bits of the content each time depending on what the audience seems more interested in, plus I also sometimes improvise stuff which I don’t remember when writing the final write up, so if you were at any of the talks and see that something’s missing or different now you know why! I’ve also added a section at the end with frequent questions I’ve been asked, hope that’s useful for you too.

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Berlin Web Audio Hack Day

As I hinted in my previous Berlin-related post, I’m going to be participating in another event from JSFest.berlin (note this is a real domain!).

The event is the Web Audio Hack Day, and I’m told that it’s sold out already (!!!) but you can try and add yourself to the waiting list just in case someone can’t attend.

This will be held at the SoundCloud office, so we’ve been promised an amazing sound system. We’ll have to produce something worthy!


From Webcam to Animated GIF: the Secret Behind chat.meatspac.es!

I wrote a guest post for David Walsh’s blog! Here’s it: From Webcam to Animated GIF: the Secret Behind chat.meatspac.es! Read it if you want to find out how to make GIFs with your webcam in JavaScript.

David asked me if I could write this article past year in November. I very clearly remember reading the email at an insane hour while I was jetlagged in Vancouver, right after CascadiaJS had finished, but I have been busy with approximately 18912731823 other things in the meantime. There were also browser bugs to be isolated and fixed, so it’s been a bit of time since then.

It’s funny that I’m flying back to Portland for CascadiaJS and then Vancouver again next week.

Well, actually it’s not funny, it’s thrilling. Yay!

See you there if you’re there, or see you here when I’m back! :-)