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Ubuntu ZX Spectrum emulator

Finding a good ZX Spectrum emulator for Ubuntu is turning out way more tricky that I would expect. I've currently settled on FBZX, although the interface is a 'little' awkward to use, and I'm not sure whether it emulates machines other than 48Ks.


Homepage (I used the .deb packages, they are flawless with Ubuntu 10.10).

It's pretty fast, sound works 'out of the box' (including the tape sounds), and has a nice TV-scanlines effect built in. Very retro!

To insert, load and run a tape:

  • Press F3 to "manage TAP/TZX"
  • Press 1 to select a TAP/TZX file
  • Press [J], [CTRL]+[P], [CTRL]+[P], [ENTER] (this is so that we end up entering LOAD "" into the system)
  • press F6 to PLAY TAPE
  • wait while loading...

You can also press F1 for help.


Has a better interface than FBZX's, but sound doesn't seem to work and I can't seem to be able to load the games I've tried either.

Might be a good thing to keep it on my bag of tricks.


FUSE - the Free Unix Spectrum Emulator

Homepage. Haven't tested it yet.


Homepage. Haven't tested it yet.