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“Just turn it into a node module”, and other mantras Edna taught me

Here are the screencast and the write up on the talk I gave today at One-Shot London NodeConf. As usual I diverge a bit from the initial narrative and I forgot to mention a couple of topics I wanted to highlight, but I have had a horrible week and considering that, this has turned out pretty well!

It was great to meet so many interesting people at the conference and seeing old friends again! Also now I’m quite excited to hack with a few things. Damn (or yay!).

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Extensible Web Summit Berlin


Speculation increased, people asked if I was going to speak at JSConf.EU–well, no!

But I’ll be in Berlin for part of that week, as I’ll be involved in at least one of the JSFest events though.

The one I can announce for now is the Extensible Web Summit which is the second edition of the unconference for web standards that already happened in San Francisco past March.

On the other hand, my not-so-secret ambition is to be seeing a bit of Berlin too, because… I love that city! Past year I hardly had any chance to do that, and I have also been wanting to visit the Computer Spiele Museum for the last three years, when I was in Berlin and found about the museum right before leaving back to Spain. Other than that I don’t have any specific plan, but I wouldn’t mind if you let me know about the places with good coffee!

I will also be hanging around during “social events” time! Super yay!

Speaking at OneShotLondon NodeConf

“Just turn it into a node module,” and other mantras Edna taught me

The story of leaving behind a random mix of Python + php + bash + makefile + Scons scripts to totally embrace using Node, modules, standard callbacks, browserify, and friends to build toys that bleep and bloop with MIDI, WebGL and Web Audio.

As you can maybe deduct, this might not be your average super expert node.js talk, but a story of learning with a non-appointed mentor and an spontaneous community, and improving and making the most out of node.js—and how it informed and shaped the rest of my coding philosophy, both inside and outside of Mozilla.

I must confess that I’m really humbled and flattered to be amongst this amazing line up of true node experts.

UUUUUUUHHH THE EXPECTATIONS!—feeling a bit like an impostor now.

Next next Saturday 19th of July. See you there? :-)

PyLadies’ Web scraping workshop at Mozilla London

I’ll be hosting this event at Mozilla London next Sunday 13th of July. If you’re interested in web/data scraping this will be your thing!

Nicola Hughes will be leading the workshop. Bring your laptop and get scraping! :-)

For signing up and more details, visit the event page.

Speaking at CascadiaJS 2014

The news is finally out of the box! I’m speaking again at CascadiaJS!

I had a blast–no, make it A BLASTpast year when speaking there. I got super good feedback and lots of ideas after my talk, and the community was really welcoming and nice. I met tons of people who I have stayed in touch with since then, and whom I am totally looking forward to meet again! :-)

So I am super thrilled to be there again. There, but not quite there–because they make it happen on a different city from Cascadia each year. First year was Seattle, past year Vancouver and this year it’s Portland. (Maybe I’ll have the chance to play with those sweet arcade machines again…!)

I will be doing something different this time and not giving a purely technical talk. I’m going to talk about making the most of your failures (and turning them to your advantage!). Not sure how it’ll turn out, but if doesn’t go well, we’ll just embrace the failure ;)