Who am I?

Soledad Penad├ęs


I work at Mozilla

Technical Evangelist

Our goal is to make the web
the best platform

Outside work...


I have no formal music education

but I've always
loved music


no Internet

Sample 'ripping'

Learning to sample

Sampling everything

Sample sharing

Song sharing

Song remixing


Computer Engineering



my way of thinking back then...


100+ songs


Open Source

Super into Linux

and I even compiled the kernel once

(to apply a patch to the wifi driver)

Software synthesis

what if I built
my own synth?

Sorollet v1

  • monophonic
  • super hardcoded
  • meh

Sorollet v2

  • C++
  • Still monophonic
  • ... but VSTi!
  • Super embeddable
  • Open sourced

Compiled and packaged into 'audio' collections

Praised as "very instructional" synth example

And even better...

People used my software to make cool music!

I made things happen

this is addictive

How could I
make more things happen?

Binary software is limited in reach

JavaScript + Web Audio API
turned the Web into
a viable platform

You can't beat the web
when it comes to
distribution and reach

"Just give me a URL"

I started experimenting

I also joined Mozilla

Spreading the word about Web Audio

Also finding various ways of breaking it

in various browsers

Soon Web MIDI too!

That's all, folks!