from fun experiment
to global community

Soledad Penad├ęs

Apps Engineer at Mozilla

Back in June 2013...


Taking retro looking pictures with your webcam, in JavaScript

Federated multiuser tumblog

We mostly posted funny GIFs there

But one day we posted our faces using FacetoGif

In July 2013

Jen was totally into LevelDB

Streams were the thing for her

Chat app using LevelDB

Logging in with Persona

You had to add friends manually (using the Persona ID)

Your gravatar would be shown next to each message

She built a prototype in a couple of hours

But we missed the GIFs

What if we captured your face when you sent a message?

Is your `LOL`...

... for reals?

Chat + Webcam


Removing features

No login

No adding friends

Still a secret


All hell broke loose

A community happened


Everyone was a *bro,
depending on the context

Own memes


A suicide was prevented

Welcoming tech talk

Improving base technologies

But wait, there's more!

Opening conferences with it


How did this even happen?

It is just for fun

No monetising intent

Though we're very grateful to Digital Ocean for the hosting

It is anonymous

No strings attached

Just turn up and be yourself

Or... be whatever you feel like being today

Open source
from day 0

The future

A London meatup!?


I have no idea!


Have fun toy projects

Be modular

Don't plan everything

Thanks! Questions?