Euskal 14 live report (I)

After having failed the gastroscene mission in Valencia (i.e. to get to that famous japanese restaurant near Corsario's place, with all tlotb members) due to a sudden sickness I got, the summer 2006 tour is reaching another hot spot: euskal party 14!

I didn't attend it past year and I felt quite uninformed about what was happening in the party, even if everybody was promising they were going to give a good use to their brand new blogs. So I decided to blog about it this year in almost real time so everybody gets an idea of what kind of information us, the outsiders, are waiting for :P

To be honest I am not yet in the party, I'm still in London and won't arrive there until Sunday. So this is just for commenting a bit the previous movements which prelude the event. Rumours are flowing quickly between the attendants about who's going to release what and all of that. And what the rumour has not, people try to confirm by IM:

Are you coming to the party? Are you releasing a demo? You know I know there's going to be N intros...? Oh but I can't tell you who told me that...
What I have been let known is:

  • there may be at least one 64k
  • around four 4k
  • around 3 demos
And what I presume that will also happen:

  • There will be a massive amount of mp3's as usual (for the high quality compo). The authors won't be aware of the new voting rules and will forget to vote so their songs will be disqualified
  • There's going to be 4 chiptunes, maybe 5 if I finish mine :P
  • There will be 9 multichannel songs (mine is already counted in)
  • Wild compo is going to suck terribly with the exception of a couple of works. Expect the usual Ho-Hey Mum! We are going to the party travel videos, Star Wars/Matrix/Duke Nukem home-made remakes, etc.
  • Something similar will happen with 3d animation where a couple of brilliant works will let us breathless during some minutes. The remainings will make us shout with anger against 3dstudio coders!! (I am being harsh, indeed I am!)
So let's say we are in the party mood (more or less), that stressful and frantic period in which everything seems hard but possible:

A demo? Oh yeah we can do effects for filling three more minutes in just four hours, just give us some more redbull and we will even do a couple 4k's


... yeaah I have finished my chiptune and my multichannel, now I just have to shrink them to fit in the compo rules, I hope I can reduce the multichannel since I used 32 bit stereo samples which have a HUGE power but sometimes are a bit delicate to handle, and when I finish I'll maybe do another version of the high quality, and where's my redbull by the way?

Obviously after having had to lay in bed for the most of this week -against my will, must be clear in this :(( - I still have to finish things for tomorrow and will have to send them to bloodrinker, the demoscene organiser this year. All before the deadlines, the lovely deadlines... So the plan for tomorrow is: finish things, send them to bloodrinker, then try to pack everything and go to the airport again.

More to come...