Breakpoint demolog, day 19: loading Song.xml == DONE

I didn't really feel like doing too much today but I managed to convince myself to finish the loading of relevant data from the song's file.

I now only have to instantiate patterns, pattern entries and synth voices and send them that relevant data when loading. And adapt my old tracker-style playing routine to work with Renoise 2's new philosophy (they got rid of the "speed" global song parameter which we were carrying on from the old-tracker era, but I was using that parameter in my player).

There's not much to show yet, but anyway here's an extract of the information the test program is outputting while loading a song:

Pattern 0, 64 lines
Track 0
Line 0    only note OFF
Line 1    Line 2    instrument 03 note A-4
Line 3    Line 4    only note OFF
Line 5    Line 6    instrument 03 note A-4
Line 7    Line 8    only note OFF
Line 9    Line 10    instrument 03 note A-4

So that you can see that I'm not slacking ;)