When was the last time you took an analog picture?

I was thinking about how my digital photos archive doesn't go back much further than 2003 (when my sister got a digital camera of her own and I sometimes borrowed it), and I wondered: when was the last time I took an analog picture?

I usually have very good memory but in this case I can't remember anything! It's as if the transition to digital didn't exist at all; I do remember taking the first digital pictures, for sure, but I don't remember the last analog pictures.

What about you? UPDATE: interesting responses in Twitter!

https://twitter.com/Achifaifa/status/246169327609470976 https://twitter.com/kaneel/status/246169376821231616 https://twitter.com/smeseguer/status/246172230466281472

Apparently old-school photography is still alive... though probably it's a personal stylistic choice at this point rather than a technological restriction.