I keep going to conferences, getting promo credit coupons for Digital Ocean and never actually using them because I find the coupons long after they have expired--when I finally decide to unpack my suitcase, hah!

This time it was different: instead of doing what I had to do, I decided to procrastinate by unpacking and being tidy. And I found the latest coupon which I got at LXJS, and which expired tomorrow (well, technically it is today already).

I felt a little guilty at this point since I had been chatting (meatspacing!) with their evangelist John Edgar for so long and finally met him at Amsterdam, and I also had met the mighty Mikeal Rogers --who also works as evangelist there-- twice, at ScotlandJS and JSConf, and I still hadn't tried their product! :-)

So today was the first time I used Digital Ocean as a developer (been using their services via Meatspaces chat for mooonths), and I must say the experience has been pretty quick and smooth. Yay!

I can't talk about performance yet, since the most I've done is installing irssi and tmux to have a sort of seemingly-not-entirely-in-the-cloud irccloud experience. I've learnt three things today:

  1. how to switch irssi windows in Mac (ESC+number instead of ALT+number)
  2. tmux attaching and detaching and a bit of all that
  3. and finally, I realised that irssi was the program the cool linux kids at the Uni were using to talk to us mIRC users in lousy Windows 3.1 machines. They would come with their bootable distro-in-a-floppy and totally ignore Windows and do all their things in text mode

It's funny to realise, so many years after. Maybe I'll be a bit cooler now :D

Feel free to use this sponsored link to subscribe to Digital Ocean so I can keep trying to be cooler within their infrastructure :-P