Web Audio Conference 2016 proceedings

If you, like me, won't attend the conference, the proceedings have been published: https://smartech.gatech.edu/handle/1853/54577/browse?type=title

Note how I showed the whole URL to the proceedings instead of just linking "the proceedings" to the proceedings list.

Here's where I rant: the Web Audio Conference needs a number of things, of which I will just enumerate two today, because I'm in a hurry:

  • Have a stable home. That the website keeps changing servers and paths from year to year is just ridiculous, and mega awful for archival purposes. They said they were attempting to formalise Web Audio literature by archiving them in papers. Then they scatter them all over the Internetssss.
  • Really be Web. Not just "Web" as it is right now. Clicking on a "proceeding" brings you to a PDF paper. A! PDF! PAPER! This is not the Web. PDF does not belong to the web. Do you know what belongs to the Web? HTML in websites I can just access from within my browser.
Enough free advice for today :-P