Emerging from hibernation

It's been really hectic since the last time I wrote here, on the 19th of January! What happened?

First, my blog was infected with some sort of bitcoin malware, so I took the blog offline while I tried to find out what had happened... and I found nothing other than the fact that somehow there was some code inserted into my site. Which plugin was the culprit? I have no idea, because I was so busy with life, I couldn't perform a good investigation. I thought: let's check out the WP source from their repo, let's also change the admin password, let's use no plugins, and it should be fine. Right?

And it was infected again. Ah, what a time to be alive!

I had had it. I took the site offline again, but this time instead of reinstalling WP I focused my efforts on finishing my "static blog generator" which I had been working on sporadically during the last year as a hobby exercise, and migrated the content of my blog to it. This was interesting on its own and possibly merits its own individual post. But basically once I was done, I was tired.

In the meantime, there were also lots of personal events happening: trips to Valencia, Paris and Berlin. Miscellaneous activities as a result of the generosity of our friends and family who gifted us with vouchers for experiences (most often related with food, drinks and the London Underground-they know us/me well). And last but not least, dental stuff happening. I have decided that wisdom teeth are such a stupid part of our bodies. Also, fixing your teeth as an adult is quite the event: how do you manage the "need" to eat out as a social activity with the limitations that wearing braces impose on you? And I haven't even mentioned the amount of grumpy I can channel...

Add to it all these Beasts From The East that we've been weathering (am I good at puns yet?) plus the absolutely unnecessary and always disruptive daylights savings time change, and the only thing I wanted to do is to stay home and sulk while wrapped on a blanket and reading in silence.

It was heavily raining for the most part of yesterday, and it felt utterly oppressive, what with the sound of the drops hammering the roofs of the various vehicles and venues I was on.

But then, sometime in the afternoon the pounding rain evolved into a gentle drizzle, and when I emerged from my last appointment of the day, it was not raining anymore, and the sun was shyly shining as I walked through a little public square. I started noticing all the new leaves, precariously balancing fat, bubbly drops of water. I stopped to admire the patterns in the bark of an incredibly thick and old tree, I saw the buds in the branches, I smelled the faint scents of green. It was as if winter was finally giving way to spring and I was emerging from hibernation. No more sulking! (maybe 😏)