re:fritos by PPG

The story for this demo is a bit accidental. The music is a remix of another song of mine, but the idea of remixing the song didn't fully came from myself, but was a consequence of some guys from zon@n asking me for some music for a demo they were going to prepare for if05, and saying that they liked the original song. I thought: since I don't have ideas for anything else, I'll remix that one and make it sound more "contemporary". But when I finished with the song, it wasn't used for reasons that I can't quite recall. It was probably a mix of lack of time, laziness and demotivation. So it was sitting idle in my hard disk for a couple of years while I thought what could I do with it.

One day that I felt particularly cheeky, and after watching one of those demos that are still software rendered and pompously announce it in the demo, I thought I could do exactly the opposite: not to use a software renderer, say the opposite in the screen and then say all had been a joke, hoping at least someone had been fooled, even if just for a second. Still, I was still redoing my "demosystem" and couldn't really do much at that point, so I "parked" the idea for the time being (it was still 2005).

Then on 2006 after I had finally released tube, which used this new system, we decided we would attend Euskal 14, so I decided I would try to materialize my idea for that party. Ah but I was quite wrong in thinking I could do that. This time it wasn't about lack of time only: I got really sick a few weeks before the party, and felt so weak that I couldn't sit in a chair for more than 10 minutes without feeling ill again. So I had to postpone it for another time. I also tried to finish it for sundown 2006, but since I was working on's website, and I couldn't split myself in two, I didn't manage to do it either.

Approximately a year passed and I had hardly touched the code since Sundown. Euskal 15 was already happening down there in Spain, and ps began pestering me so that I released something from London, taking advantage of the party's new compo rules which allowed remote entries to be delivered. So I said to myself: it's now or never!, because I didn't intend on using that code again on the future (since I had already noticed its flaws). And powered by an army of muller yogurts, I set myself to that task.

I had some issues when I tried to execute the demo in my intel mac and found to my horror that it was complaining about the sound not having been initialized. I thought it could be because of having created a universal binary, because that was the only difference between this demo and the previous ones that I tested a couple of months ago when I got the computer.

It seems that some of the latest Mac OS X updates prevented FMOD from being able to create a sound context, and that’s why it didn’t work in the intel machine. So I downloaded the latest version of FMOD, which used CoreAudio instead of the other whatever which was using before, and tried to implement it.

First annoyance: you can’t compile fmod statically into your exe anymore. That’s a pity, since I had began to truly appreciate the fact that the mac version of my demos was just one file with everything inside it and it was the windows version the one which went with an additional dll. But anyway, there was that ugly .dylib in the same directory than the exe is.

Then I had to update my audio wrapper so that it could work with the new FMODEx api. While I agree it is more meaningful and intuitive than the previous api, you can’t convince me easily when it’s 1 hour for the deadline! :-)

But anyway, I did it. Don’t know how! I think it’s my ninja coding skillz ;-)

I delivered the demo and had a coffee, relaxed, waited. And took the opportunity for saying sorry to madgoblin, something like twenty or thirty times. Why? Because I took a picture of him in an obscene mood and modified it with my wacom tablet to look like someone else, and now I was feeling a bit bad about that.

A couple of years after, and here I am, just having ported the demo to Linux.

PPG06: Refritos

The demo starts with a blue spacey background and something like a star field. Nothing too spectacular, but sets the mood!

PPG06: Refritos

Then begin the usual scenes with the text describing the facts quite complacently, in typical demoscene style. (If you don't quite get what I mean, just watch dope / complex for a good dose).

PPG06: Refritos

I guess it's pretty obvious that all these gimmicks are intended as funny "feel good" scenes. I mean, the music isn't dramatic or anything, and the scenes are simple enough to not to look ambitious.

PPG06: Refritos

The gurrunyo thing is kind of a TLOTB joke. I don't know who thought of it first, whether Astharoth or HGH, but they always referred to the random object around which the camera moves in every demo as a gurrunyo. Being picky, it should be written as gurruño, but when I typed in the texts, I didn't stop to change to the Spanish keyboard layout, so I wrote it using the catalan solution (ny == ñ), which is very convenient when using an English keyboard.

PPG06: Refritos

And now for the Astharoth version of the same effect. It's my little homage to one of my demoscene mentors. He always includes at least one scene in his demos where things move around frantically and you just let go (as coder/designer/whatever). Or in Spanish: Y aquí, nano, le metes caña al procesador...

PPG06: Refritos

Here's the other joke. Usually all old-style demos have a picture of a voluptuous woman, quite usually bare breasted. On the other hand, there used to be an spanish site where demosceners would upload their demoparty pics. Somehow, the 'demo' particle dropped from demoparty and it ended up being just pictures of drunk people posing awkwardly. One of the habitual subjects was madgoblin, which in addition, used to pose in such a way that we always said that "one day somebody will make a demo with such an embarrassing picture of you". And since I don't like saying things lightly, I decided I would do that.

An image is worth one thousand words, so two images are worth two thousand words:

PPG06: Refritos PPG06: Refritos

(The catalonian fire effect is named like that because the bars reminded me to the catalonian flag bars)

PPG06: Refritos

There's also some broken plasma. It's broken on purpose, I changed the parameters so that it looked even more horrible than usual. The dutch colour scheme joke comes because everybody always said that ppg demos looked very dutch (although ps told me that he could easily imagine a bunch of crazy japanese singers with coloured hair-do's happily dancing to the tune of this one).

PPG06: Refritos

A black screen to accompany the change in the music and then an strange dot field. It was actually intended to be used as the base for a newer version of Scene of the Girls, and it would act as an updated version of the black dots in this picture, which are textures, and not dynamically rendered circles:

black dots

but since I didn't really want to use this system for doing that scene of the girls remix, I decided to use the effect anyway -- changing the colour, of course. And applying a bit of radial blur post processing so that it didn't look that empty.

PPG06: Refritos PPG06: Refritos

And finally the greetings, with the "Software rendering" joke and the "just joking ;-)" ending line.


The code is in my git repo:

  • Browse it
  • Check it out: git clone git:// Then it is in the releases/ppg/ppg06_refritos directory