GPS Capture

This is a small Android utility to capture GPS and Network locations. I've written it for myself, since I needed real location data (with errors and inconsistencies), and My Tracks wasn't good enough for my purposes, since it filters and interpolates too much data out.

The tracks you record with GPS Capture can later be used for "replaying" them in the emulator in order to test location based applications.

And unlike the 'My Tracks' application, this tool does not "simplify" the tracks--it stores everything that it gets into the kml file. Including absurd data that the GPS receiver provides you. Everything.


You can...

With the Pro version you get:

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  • Smaller app
  • A happier developer (me!)

GPS Capture GPS Capture

Extra! Bonus!

Download the script I'm using for replaying captured kml tracks from my github repository.

It should be self-explanatory, but if you have any question, just ask me!

Visualise captured data with Google Maps, in your computer

Visualising the capture with kml2ddms

I also made a javascript tool that cleans KML data and prepares it for DDMS. Although the data that GPS Capture generates is perfectly fine for DDMS, you can use the kml2ddms tool for visualising the data in a map. Simply drag the kml file to the first empty block and you're set.