Delicatessen is a WordPress plug-in which allows the owner of a blog to get a list of every post and page which have been bookmarked in delicious.com, as well as the tags and descriptions which were used for labeling the posts. All in one view with a very simple interface:

Delicatessen main interface (dashboard)

There is also a Settings page to adjust cache parameters, just in case you are experiencing issues retrieving data from Delicious:

Delicatessen settings

The main premise is that you don't need to edit a single template or file to get this plug-in to work.


You can...

  • install it via the WordPress admin page for plug-ins (just search for Delicatessen)
  • get the SVN version (trunk)
  • or download a .zip with the latest stable version

Or have a look at the plug-in page at WordPress plug-ins directory, to check for compatibility etc.


PHP5, WP 2.8.5 or higher.

Planned features

  • A widget, so that proud site owners can show how many bookmarks a page has in delicious.com (without having to edit templates!)
  • Maybe add support for finding bookmarks in other services (if they have a nice API), let me know which services are you interested in!

A bit of history

Version 1.0 was released in June 2007 and was not what we could call a good netizen, but people liked it quite a lot. Version 2.0 not only respects Delicious.com Terms Of Usage, but also works as a proper informational plug-in, showing the results as a page under the Dashboard options group.