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This week… and beyond

  • Monday: shyly open my inbox after a week of holidays, and probably duck to avoid the rolling ball of stale mail coming my way.
  • Wednesday: maybe meet Karolina who’s in London for a conference!
  • Thursday: my talk is closing a conference O_O — when the organiser mentioned “closing” the day I thought he meant closing the first day, not the second. NO PRESSURE. Although the conf is held at Shoreditch Village Hall, which is a venue where I feel like at home, so I’ll probably be OK. There’s a meatspace meatup afterwards, and I’m glad it’s around Shoreditch too or I’ll be dropping on that.
  • Friday: MozFest facilitators meeting, and also the Science Fair during the evening (if it is still called Science Fair)
  • Saturday and Sunday: MozFest, MozFest, MozFest! Paul Rouget asked me to show WebIDE there, and then Bobby (aka SecretRobotron and your best friend) came up with this idea of a MEGABOOTH where people can go and learn something about app-making in sessions of 5-20 minutes. Of course I can’t be all week-end there or I’ll basically die of social extenuation, so I asked some friends and together we’ll be helping spread the word about Firefox OS development in its various facets: Gaia/Gonk/the operating system itself, Gaia apps, DevTools and WebIDE. Come to the MEGABOOTH and hang with Nicola, Wilson, Francisco, Potch and me! (linking to myself and wondering if the Internet will break with so much recursion, teehee)

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WAC – the Web Audio Conference

There is going to be a Web Audio Conference for the first time and it’s going to happen in Paris, next January 2015.

This is co-organised by IRCAM and Mozilla, and I’m excited to be involved as part of the technical committee.

Call for papers is open until October the 10th. Update: they have added some guidelines to help you submit a paper if you’ve never submitted a paper.



What have I been working on? (2014/02)

Looking at my todo.txt file, February has pretty much been my speaking-to-everyone month. I spoke to a lot of people from many different teams in Mozilla, and to a lot of people outside of Mozilla for interviews and conferences. Thankfully I also managed to sneak some coding time in it, and even some documenting time!
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DemoJS + JS pride

I must confess–I haven’t watched any of this year’s Revision entries. So I just found about JS pride, a browser demo, two days ago.

JS Pride

It is the invitation for Demo JS, the JavaScript demoparty held in Paris. But although it is nice and works better than most of the JS demos I have seen already -specially the sound doesn’t click and clip all the time, which is a great improvement-, it is really lacking on the invitation side.

JS Pride

There’s no “splash page” that tells you what you are going to see, or links to the party website. There’s no text whatsoever during the demo–only generated geometries, rainbows and the usual stuff. It’s only at the very, very end that you get to see some text–the credits? greetings?, and then, ONLY THEN! a “DEMOJS.ORG 28-30 JUNE” on top of a building. It looks like reconverting it into an “invitation demo” was a very last minute idea, which is a pity, as there is potential there, and all the time we spent flying between fallen buildings could have been used to display info about the party.

JS Pride

Still, good work–looking forward to see more stuff that doesn’t need a 5 minutes precalc before I can even see a triangle!

And I might even dare to submit something to the party…! Hopefully Chrome won’t release an update that breaks my entry the day before, like past year.