Mozilla Brick 1.0 + Hacks post!


Today two very exciting things happened:

  1. Mozilla Brick 1.0 was finally released! That means that we can now… start working on 1.1! YAY, WE NEVER STOP!
  2. Angelina’s article on Brick + X-Tag and web components in general was published: Custom Elements for Custom Applications – Web Components with Mozilla’s Brick and X-Tag

I have worked in both things (more in Brick than in the article, which I just helped edit) so it’s naturally obvious that I’m excited they’re finally published. And also since the article is Chapter 1 (as mentioned in my post), that means that next week you get Chapter 2–i.e. my article.

Stay put, friends. It’s going to rock. Almost literally.

4 Replies to “Mozilla Brick 1.0 + Hacks post!”

  1. Kinda impatient to read chapter two and the following others, though.

    If you need inspiration for the next chapters, an example of a full mobile app with a slightly complex GUI would be great.

    Brick is a great tool for server devs who want to easily write an app on top of their server – but know not much of webdev.


    1. Well, if server devs can use Brick to write an app, then our work is done and we’ll be quite happy 🙂

  2. Well, looking at the x-tag Github repo, seems the Brick party is only starting. 🙂

    I’d have a question regarding x-cards.

    With two xcards contained in an xdeck, I’d like to have them both displayed (‘selected’) side-by-side on computer screen but only one at a time on mobile screen.

    I tried to play with the CSS ‘display’ and ‘float’ properties of the xdeck and xcards but without success, so I’m wondering if it’s possible to display two siblings xcards side-by-side at a time without having them overlapping.

    A mailing-list or a forum would be nice to share the dev experience btw.

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