They’re looking for a smart guy

Just another extract of many emails I get. Emphasis is mine, misspellings are theirs.


I found some interesting code you wrote, so I am writing you because we are looking for a very good developper to work on a state of the art webgl project.


We are looking for a smart guy that can work either as free lance, as en employee or through his own company. This project can start as soon as possible, and if you’d like to keep working with us we can provide work over a
long time, including on our Java and OpenGL other projects.

Let me know if you are interested, If you are not or cant, but know someone with the right skills please forward this offer to him

Eww, no way.

2 Replies to “They’re looking for a smart guy”

  1. Wasn’t Christian Heilmann not long ago suggesting to take the time to go back to lousy recruiters and explain to them what they are doing wrong? Educating them somehow because their current approach harms the industry as a whole.

    He made me think and then I got yet-another- lousy-recruitment email… but I couldn’t be bothered to take the time to reply to be honest.

    This might be a worthy cause though!

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