Book reviews

"4.50 from Paddington" (Agatha Christie, 1957)

There's little things as comforting as a good old Agatha Christie detective story. You know the drill---someone is going to get killed in the most unexpected moment and ways. Then the police might, or not, intervene effectively, and everyone becomes a suspect. At the end, there will be a twist that you might or not have deducted already, and the actual murdered is found out. TA-DA!

So the fun here is to try to see if you can deduct who was the murderer as you read.

I had read "Nemesis", from Agatha Christie too, a while ago, so this was the second book from her that I read.

In this case I think the twist is a little bit hurried after all the build-up. Still, the atmosphere is quite convincing--convincing enough, in fact, that most of the commentary might make nowadays sensibilities cringe because it's so damn oldschool and retrograde at points.