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"All Over Coffee" (Paul Madonna, 2007)

All Over Coffee

I stumbled upon this book while casually browsing books in Gosh! comics (London). It was a marvellous find. The highly detailed style immediately caught my eye and I knew I had to buy it. Then came the texts, the seemingly-unrelated-to-the-illustrations texts.

It's a great book, and once you finish reading it you're really wondering about everything: did he really draw with coffee? what's the meaning of the texts? if there's any meaning. Did I make up the meaning, trying to find some connection between text and image? Thankfully there's a LONG afterword that goes to explain absolutely everything about the book, its origin, the author's personal journey and the reception of the book on the original readers -those from the San Francisco Chronicle, where 'All Over Coffee' was published first as a strip, back in 2004.