Book reviews

"Creative block" (Krysa, 2014)

I've been following Danielle's Krysa The Jealous Curator blog for a long time. She has a great ability to pick out interesting art, and so I always get either inspired or happy after reading one of the posts.

I bought this book with the idea of using it as a "coffee table" sort of idea book, but it turns out to be a very enjoyable book on its own. I read it from cover to end! There's lots of great work presented here, and also lots of mentions to other artists and things to check out, so it's a good start to get inspired.

The additional projects from each artist for when you get stuck are nice, but I'm not quite sure I can apply them "as is"---many would require some adaptation. For example, when the project calls out for "driving for an hour" or "walking to a natural space and grabbing objects" but you do not own a car because live in a city where natural spaces have nothing that can be grabbed.

In short, good value for money. My only disappointment is that the book is made in China; it's specially disappointing considering that the book features a disproportionate amount of North American artists and that the book is edited by a San Francisco based editorial. Boo!