Book reviews

"Feminism is for everybody" (bell hooks, 2000)

A friend lent me this book and I wonder why I hadn't read it before.

The first feeling you experience after reading it is one of guilt and of having been acting in a sexist way, even without knowing it. But the good thing is that bell immediately follows by suggesting we shouldn't linger on the guilt or the pain, but rather try to look for solutions or to work a way to make things better.

Explanations of what feminism is (i.e. not patriarchy, and an inclusive system, based on respect) continue, and an examination of how we reached the point where we are now, with privileged women appropriating the parts of the feminism movement they like and the conservative press depicting feminism in a mostly negative way. It is really quite interesting and helps understand why most people react to mentions of "feminism" with negativity.

In short: read this book. Everyone should read it.