Book reviews

"On writing: a memoir of the craft" (Stephen King, 2000)

This is such an enjoyable book---even if you have no aspirations whatsoever to become a writer.

I do like my writing, and I have read my fair share of "writing books", but the advice on this book is so straightforward and simple perhaps I won't need to read any more of those books.

Combine that with the trust emerging from someone who's written SO MANY BOOKS with so much success, and the fact that the book is not just a collection of facts and listicles, but more prose like, and this is like having coffee with Stephen King where he tells you the story of his life, as if you were friends and he's just going to tell you all his secrets.

On top of all this, it's also FUN to read! I really love his colloquialisms, they're incredibly colourful. I would have never come up with them, they're so unique.

It's really good!