Book reviews

"Shakti Mantras: Tapping into the Great Goddess Energy Within" (Thom Ashley-Farrand, 2009)

I am not quite sure what to make of this book, as someone who basically doesn't know anything about the topic and wanted to learn more, which is why I picked the book.

For someone who insists in praising "the feminine strength" and whatnot, the stories here are fantastically heteronormativist and patriarcal.

I was most curious about the mantras per se. This book inserts lots and lots and lots of back story in between and it's very hard to keep reading because the story is of zero interest to me... and the writing is not 'page-turning' quality.

There's also no explanation of how would someone "chant" the mantras. Is there any kind of special intonation you have to follow? Do you sing them? Who knows! It's so up in the air, but yet there's plenty of blabber about how chanting will change your life and 'propitiate' events.

I'm not even a believer in this chanting thing, I just wanted to understand what it is that yoga teachers sometimes chant, but this book won't help.

Conclusion: nope.