Favourite places in Berlin

Berlin is a strange place which can range from the nicest to the weirdest.


There's some great coffee to be had in Berlin - they've taken the Australian tradition and super charged it with the great German baking tradition so it's beyond good. Some places I liked:
  • Antipodes (Fehrbelliner Str. 5) - good for breakfast, portions a tad small but it's quiet and has reading materials if you're into reading text printed in actual ink, not e-ink 8-)
  • Distrikt coffee (Bergstrasse 68) - Very nice staff, chilled down calm vibe, good coffee and sweets. Free WiFi! The decoration was minimal vintage which didn't get in your way
  • Father Carpenter Coffee Brewers (Münzstr. 21 (1. Hof), 10178) - the most amazing flat whites. Has Wifi. Really quiet, a bit hidden.
  • goodies (Warschauer Str. 69, 10243) - if you're into Vegan/Vegetarian, they do a quite believable soya flat white. The no flour cakes were pretty good.
  • Garcia Kaffeebar (Waldstr. 59, 10551) - very nice small cafe, has outside seating. good coffee and staff. Nice sweets
  • Kaschk (Linienstr. 40, 10119) - decent flat white, food is ok too. Has wifi and a cool vibe. Good to laptop.
  • TYPE/HYPE (Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 9, 10178), not the best coffee but you're surrounded by printing equipment and they have also fancy design stuff on sale
  • Thea & coffee (Birkenstr. 19, 10559) - the best bit about this after the coffee is the neat room in the back where you can seat and think about things


  • Waterlily (Friedenstraße, Karl-Marx-Allee 113, 10243) - very nice Vietnamese, kind staff, amazing food and Vietnamese COFFEE
  • Good Morning Vietnam (Alte Schönhauser Str. 60 (Torstr.), 10119) - yummyyyyy duck, the mocktails and cocktails are also very good. Can get pretty busy
  • Qua Phe (Max-Beer-Str. 37 (Schendelgasse), 10119) - This place was amaaaaazing, very good food, nice decor, and the vietnamese coffee was top notch
  • Pho Co - have a set menu during the day. Food is good. Quite busy but accommodating even if you show up with a big group of people. Looks popular with locals
  • Burrito Baby (Pflügerstr. 11, Friedelstr.) - huge portions, cheap and cheeeesy. Staff are very nice
  • Cuore di vetro (Max-Beer-Str. 33, 10119) - Two scoop icecream for 2€!!! So cheap and so tasty!
  • Lisboa Bar (Krossener Str. 20 (Boxhagener Platz), 10245) - nice staff, decent Lisboan food and wine
  • Café Datscha (Boxhagener Kiez, Gabriel-Max-Str. 1, 10245) - great food, they don't do complicated flat whites, but their Americano is pretty strong. Cool decor
  • Monsieur Vuong (Alte Schönhauser Str. 46) - very busy, broth a bit tasteless but very fast service. The mocktail I had was very convincing. Cash only iirc.
  • Spreegold (Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 2 (Dircksenstr.), 10178 ) - admittedly not the BEST place for food or coffee but I find the decor quite chill and it's a peaceful place after the hectic activity in Alexanderplatz
  • Sauvage – Prenzlauer Berg (Greifswalder Straße-Süd, Winsstraße 30 (Christburger Str.), 10405) - paleo/gluten free restaurant, some of the stuff wasn't really convincing, a bit hit and miss (if it sounds too good to be true, it's probably not true), but the meat was good and the place really quiet and chill

Other things and places to look at

  • Computerspielemuseum (Friedenstraße, Karl-Marx-Allee 93a, 10243 Berlin) - Games museum - you can look and also play with many old systems
  • Telecom tower - hard not to see it. The area around it (Alexanderplatz) is a popular touristy place. It's all a bit busy and you might get asked for money
  • Gedenkstätte Berliner Mauer (Bernauer Str. 111 (Ackerstr.), 13355) - Obviously THE WALL! it has a Visitor centre
  • Mitte area - bunch of cool clothes shop, galleries, etc
  • Berlinische Galerie (Kreuzberg, Alte Jakobstr. 124-128, 10969) - cool contemporary art museum, nice installations
  • Babylon (Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 30, 10178) - retro cinema, cool vibe, cheap beers, eclectic crowd on a Friday night