Is it summer?

So I should have changed now the site layout, because we are now at midspring. Or aren’t we? It’s may and I haven’t still felt like other years the "I’m going to die!! It’s too warm for myself!!"-syndrome. In fact, my summer clothes are bored and sad in the wardrobe, and I’m still using the autumn ones. Does anyone know where our friendly mate Spring is? Hey Spring! It’s MAY now! have you thought of warming the weather? making the sun tan our skin? I would like to be able to use my sunglasses without looking as a vampire in the morning. They are bored over my table too. To sum up; how am I going to change the site into a spring-summer layout, if I don’t feel yet like that? Keep waiting, people!

back 2 work

Hum… I hadn’t written nothing since xplanada party. It was a really strange party. We had lots of reasons to think that teh real party is outside, although in fact I missed a bit the scener feeling that I’m used to note in the parties.
Now it’s time to start working hard in the prods for the next party. We have many tasks to do, so I better stop writing now 😉

everything is forbidden

We have visited Alaicanti, and everything was forbidden. We couldn’t smoke in the coffee shop, nor could we park in the mercadona, because every direction was forbidden too. After buying some junk food we have gone to a telepizza, "just to make it better" says jcl. Liso is calling whore to rafa, because he couldn’t catch the member….