everything is forbidden

We have visited Alaicanti, and everything was forbidden. We couldn’t smoke in the coffee shop, nor could we park in the mercadona, because every direction was forbidden too. After buying some junk food we have gone to a telepizza, "just to make it better" says jcl. Liso is calling whore to rafa, because he couldn’t catch the member….


We have gone to a chinese restaurant, as usual. The typical spanish scener drink, sangria, was not as usual as we hoped. It tasted like radikal fruit with some soda (soa, in murciano) [liso’s eyes are appearing as if they were to explode… blame murcian hash – and now a problem has been detected and his computer will be shut down to prevent damages], people said it was ppg style sangria. The waitress has given a present to the girls in the dinner. It was a pucca!! "with a big clit", said Mara. The waitress also wanted jcl to pay it all (because he is not going to come back in a year). Some time after, we discovered that Jcl has dolalgial and corsario has couldina (I think I have gelocatil). Who has forgotten the primperan?. Sole: well more things. what are you doing? doning? …. uh, whatever… Jcl at the keys now in a very uncomfortable position (now you can start thinking whatever you want)… errr… what to say, what to say… all your redline’s are belong to liso… he probably wants it red to suit his current eyes… this man needs sleep, eh… SERIOUSLY… he’s saying ‘stop writing about me, BITCHES’… autism… smile… wink… tongueplaying… WTF? Ah, I’ll let Sole on again… buhbye. We have been in the party. Because TEH ERAL PRYTA was outside. Even TEH OGROS were OTUISDE. They had forgotten to announce the fast compos. And the security guy has asked us if a bourbon bottle contained alcohol… we were like.. "HELLO! NO! IT’S ORANGE JUICE!"… grrr… moron… The best of all was that everybody was looking at jcl, waiting him to answer. Because he has carademalo (or that was we hoped him to have, al loro, what means totheparrot, for you non spanish speakers)…. (Jcl) The best part of it all is… she is NOT drunk… she IS really like that… I’m starting to get really scared… (Sole) I’m starting to hear some voices. They say me things, strange things, like trapping all the gamers at the party in a dark room and make them watch ps demos all night long. Or minimalanimal ones. Something like that. I have seen a guy with dyed hair, in a quaker’s style. (Jcl asks: where? is it true or it is the voice who speaks to you?). Sole: look at him!! it’s there! (it’s true). (Jcl) GL HF LOL! EYE AM ON TEH BIG CLAN WITH DYED HAIR LOL ROFL YOU WILL BE PWN3D!!! GO! LOL! (Sole) By the way, someone is looking for a cheap adsl modem. "Comprrrro rrrrrouterrrrr barrrato! paisha!!" (and what if he had little brake (frenillo, nengggs d’hospitalete DA llubregat): he would say "compgggggoo ggggoouteggggg baggggatgooooo") A corsario no le sale nada. (Corsario does not obtain nothing). Well he’s speaking about his code. (TEH REAL CEDO). (Jcl at the keys… still the uncomfy position… o/ ). The guy with the dyed hair is showing some pr0n CDs to some other guy… like 50 or 60 CDs… and he has that stupid smile on his face we don’t quite know where it comes from… I’m starting to wonder (wuuuuundah) where the dying came from 🙂 (Quizir: el tinte) Well, the story about the security guy (man, for the friends) has not finished yet. Some time after, a car has stopped by. We were hidden behind the bush (I’m needing lexicographycal help, I forget the words, well I had spelt worsd). And two guys got down the car. And and and and, andaaaa, (by jcl aka "hay alguien de murcia?"), the first security guy had return with a friend, another security guy. Who has told us: "you know that it’s forbidden to drink alcohol here, don’t you?". All of us: "yes" (misteriously the bottles had dissapeared, we don’t know where did they go). Jcl, mara and hgh are going to sleep I think. Well maybe it would be a good idea to go with them. So bye!

From the ashes, from the xplanada

Here we are!! Without mobile coverage… without speakers and no projector … nor stick. We have made the beethoven compo without even listening to the samples, and in reason… that’s coz the laptop doesn’t have enough amp to hear anything at the party… probably the technicians fucked up the amp while fixing the radeon 😀 We have no money and no more cubes please. Liso is using autores headphones (really 1337), and hgh and corsario are discussing about TEH SH33y0TCH. It is time to have some junk food. buh bYe signed: jcl & sole unknwonw productions ntm… and stuff

Improving mesh subdivision

Well, I have found the mysterious bug that we always have when we code something. The mesh subdivision algorithm is recursive, as you could imagine viewing the images. In each pass, it divides each face in three more faces. So we have the old face and two new ones, and then we assign the appropriate vertices to each face. In the next iteration we have to subdivide too the faces we had created previously, but I had forgotten to change the maximumFaces index, so it didn’t divide properly. As you can see in the next images, I have fixed it!! 🙂

Mesh subdivision with 2 passes
mesh subdivision 2 passes (fixed)

Mesh subdivision with 3 passes
mesh subdivision 3 passes (fixed)

Mesh subdivision with 5 passes
mesh subdivision 5 passes (fixed)

Next step is playing with the vertices! 😉

superscene day!

Today has been a very scenic day (I am listening to dope/komplex just now to get some inspiration xD). I have been making some experiments about geometry generation (which makes useless using external mesh files). I still have very basic code, I hope it gets better hehe. This lacks lots of features, but who cares? 😛
Here you can see an example of a pyramid iterated two times (to get the mesh subdivision).
pyramid mesh subdivision with two passes

Furthermore, I have managed to upload the mp3 containing a magic moment for us: the public shouting and applauding at bcnparty11, where we release scene of the girls. This mp3 has been extracted from the one that kindly recorded Scythoior/sueño while the democompo entries were showed. Feel the same that bcn attendants! 😀