superscene day!

Today has been a very scenic day (I am listening to dope/komplex just now to get some inspiration xD). I have been making some experiments about geometry generation (which makes useless using external mesh files). I still have very basic code, I hope it gets better hehe. This lacks lots of features, but who cares? 😛
Here you can see an example of a pyramid iterated two times (to get the mesh subdivision).
pyramid mesh subdivision with two passes

Furthermore, I have managed to upload the mp3 containing a magic moment for us: the public shouting and applauding at bcnparty11, where we release scene of the girls. This mp3 has been extracted from the one that kindly recorded Scythoior/sueño while the democompo entries were showed. Feel the same that bcn attendants! 😀

da jormas 10th anniversary

I have taken a look at dajormas web and… they have put there the livesets from their 10th anniversary party! If you are into techno (and some harder flavours) music, you should download them. I have liked specially the first one ("techno"). It also includes some well known demotunes (for example, the one from saint by halcyon and da jormas). It’s always nice to listen to mixed modules, don’t you think?
By the way, if you prefer to listen to separate songs, you also can download da jormas modules and mp3. They are trying to recover lots of old amiga songs!
And don’t forget to download some of their demos and intros 😉

a useless bug report

I think I’ve discovered an incompatibility between two popular programs. But the fact is that nobody will be able to fix it (in my humble opinion).
Well, so here is: if you run emule and impulse tracker, it will probably hang. The screen goes black with some red pixels. (It remembers me of a gore scene, but I do not want to imagine any kind of mule or donkey blood). Who is going to fix this bug? I think that nobody from the emuleproject will take care of a program made more than 6 years ago (and used less and less as days pass). Of course, Pulse is not going to pay attention to the problem, you know… 😉
Well, it’s not a very interesting post but it should have taken some of your precious time 😛

Once again the fucking laptop!

Well, my neverending story continues. My laptop is still completely broken. The clumsy people at the repair service still believes that it is a software failure. "Your XP is full of shit, you better reinstall it again". Ok, so I brought the install cd’s to the shop and tried to reinstall it again. As usual, the screen got completely crazy, the dialog boxes appeared as painted by Picasso in his cubist age, and so on. The guy pronounced some of his great, astonishing sentences, as for example: ahhh ok ok, I can see it … this is because of the graphical mode … it only fails when it switches to 320×200 (when it was text mode 80×25, the classical booting mode). Or also ohhh I got it! it’s the AC adaptor! it introduces noise in the computer…

I am absolutely fed up. My advice: don’t buy an Acer computer. I don’t know who is responsible, if acer or the vendor. But I don’t mind it, I want my computer NOW! and working! :-@