cleaning up the mess

Everyone of us has to undo the mess in our harddisk drive. And then we find things that we forgot we had downloaded, for example music files. I try to be accurate in their classification, but usually it ends in a complete boredom of empty folders (elektro, pop, techno, blablabla, …) and just one called “download_mp3” where every mp3/ogg goes, hahaha.
So today is the day that I have to order this mess and I have found some of that forgotten files. More concretely, these consist in music from the russian group lumeny. I don’t remember how did I find that group, maybe it was from a link at toxicosmos page. Well, the fact is that they are a very interesting pop group – although I don’t understand anything of their lyrics. So I put here a link to their page (with a really cool design, by the way) and a link to the music section, where you’ll be able to download the music I am speaking about. They are really great!

intensive week :-/

Everybody should be able to detect that something’s going to occur by looking at my messenger state. Since around two or three weeks, I’m always not available. Some people get angry, like if it was with them (maybe they do think that when I connect to msn is for chatting JUST with them, mmmm yes, they are really wrong XD); I have received unpleasant messages like it seems like you’re always not available when I do connect… all right … I’m not going to disturb you anymore… bye. Why do people act like that? Is like if you got offended if someone can’t pick up the phone because he/she is having a shower or something like that. I think people should learn the irc philosophy and then, JUST THEN, we would allow them to use the messenger. That is, if I’m away, is because I’M NOT in front of the computer, so why do they try to get an answer of mine if I do not view the messages? oooh clumsy people ò_ó

Are these preceding words caused by the stress? A friend has told me it: You better start leaving responsabilities … well, maybe she is right, but this month and the next one are critical for the ifparty!!
This year we have put in it our best ideas to make it more successful than past one, so now we need every effort to get it into work 😀
Past friday we put online the new website, thanks to Recena for his great hosting service. And past sunday we put online the *almost deffinitive* version. It features three languages; I thought I was going to die while translating all the spanish text into english and catalonian, but it seems like that is worth the final result. Trace has made the design and the rest (php & co) is mine.
And this does not finish here! Today has appeared a very interesting scene-item: becanne. This is an spanish magazine about the scene. I have liked it a lot (and it is not because I do appear often in this issue), and if you speak spanish, I think it’s worth the download 🙂

What a überlong entry! 😀

the prize is a little bit of success

For avoiding the typical blog style (that is, ultra-fresh news) I have waited until today to post this happy new. Last Saturday (if I do remember well), a new issue of SceneZine got released; it was a very special one, because there got reviewed one production where I was involved: Scene of the Girls (also known as SOTG).
The mere fact of getting the focus made us (where us means the whole powergirls team) very happy. And we got a kind review also! The thing we liked most was the special interest of the reviewer in outlining the design of the demo. That is, I think that this sentence will be explicit enough: …stronger design than most demos, doing more with a grid of circles than most groups do with an entire 3D world…
I’m the first who recognizes that the code sucks a bit, but in fact I don’t care relatively. I wrote it at pouet; sotg was done just for fun, not a surviving question but a joking prod. People that get angry with the demo, that express their anger in the pouet comments, seem very clumsy and losing their time. Hey! they should take the thing easy! life is not a matter of doing the ultraserious demo, well, at least I do not agree with them. Maybe they better change into a more positive, flower-powered attittude 😉

Update 31st October 2009: since the Scene Zine domain expired a few years ago, I have dug into and managed to find the review which I’m going to post here just for the sake of completeness:

The first all-girl demo group that I’ve seen. SOTG is not a technically superior demo. However, it has a good sense of color, is bouncy, triumphant, fun and cute. All the things that I like about girls. Stronger design than most demos, doing more with a grid of circles than most groups do with an entire 3D world. Also, it’s got more half-naked fantasy chick art than all of the other demos in this column _combined_. My only question is this: do they still get into the parties for free?

Today is a great day!

Well, not only I have recommended you one of the best findings I have made recently, but I have improved the blog section (yes, that’s _this_ section). Now you have permanent links to the entries (so if you want to bookmark some of them you have it an easy method), and also you can find pages. The era of all-entries-in-one-page has finished 🙂
And finally, I think that the annoying menu bug has been fixed! Thanks to all the people who helped me: yero, madgoblin, teknik… and the ones that simply complained 😛

Soulseek, it’s better late than never

Last week I decided to give a try to Soulseek, a file-sharing program specially aimed at music files. Leaving apart the use that each person gives to the program, I must remark the wonderful performance that it reaches.
But this wasn’t the purpose of my blog-posting today; in fact my desire was to reveal everybody the great music label that is SoulSeek Records. I don’t know yet the connection between soulseek (the program) and soulseek (the label), the only thing that I know is that everybody can download *very* interesting music, without infringement of copyright laws. If this is not a cool use of internet, maybe we should retire from the net 😉
The styles vary from chillish, relaxed music, till more agressive, ultra-distorted elektro styles. There are some compilations; if you are tired of the conventional music, or simply bored of your favourite music, you should visit the links that I’m going to write here and let your computer working for some hours (i.e. downloading the entire collection).
There’s nothing more to say, I think. I hope your ears have a nice time 🙂