i returned from bcn past monday, it’s a shame that i had to leave that wonderful place. bcn stimulates the mind, makes you creative, and so on. everybody should pass some days there and let the ideas flow.
as a result of that staying we (sardu and me) had some great ideas and probably we’ll apply them in future productions. be prepared!! 😛

not music today!

some people have asked why I haven’t put a music section in the site. the reason is so simple: you can download most of my music from modulez, besides, I’m trying to imagine something more interesting than a mere songs list. And when I have it, I’ll put it here!

By the way, I think I have fixed the css bug that made the menu disappear in mozilla and opera. If you are using some of those browsers and still find some problems, please tell it to me. thank you!


The presentation was succesful!
Everybody got impressed by the productions that we played in the bigscreen. The visuals we prepared (coded in less than a week) worked perfectly.
The Very Important People that attended the event declared themselves very interested in the party, so everything appears to be something great this year…!
I took some photos and put them at spanish reports system. You can have a view, if you want.

ifparty04 presentation

Tomorrow the organizers will present the ifparty04 in the Computer Science Faculty.
We have been working hard to make it a great event!
I would like lots of people to come and enjoy that scene-evening with all of us. Almost definitely confirmed attendants are tlotb & necrostudios members.
See you there!