Today is a great day!

Well, not only I have recommended you one of the best findings I have made recently, but I have improved the blog section (yes, that’s _this_ section). Now you have permanent links to the entries (so if you want to bookmark some of them you have it an easy method), and also you can find pages. The era of all-entries-in-one-page has finished 🙂
And finally, I think that the annoying menu bug has been fixed! Thanks to all the people who helped me: yero, madgoblin, teknik… and the ones that simply complained 😛

Soulseek, it’s better late than never

Last week I decided to give a try to Soulseek, a file-sharing program specially aimed at music files. Leaving apart the use that each person gives to the program, I must remark the wonderful performance that it reaches.
But this wasn’t the purpose of my blog-posting today; in fact my desire was to reveal everybody the great music label that is SoulSeek Records. I don’t know yet the connection between soulseek (the program) and soulseek (the label), the only thing that I know is that everybody can download *very* interesting music, without infringement of copyright laws. If this is not a cool use of internet, maybe we should retire from the net 😉
The styles vary from chillish, relaxed music, till more agressive, ultra-distorted elektro styles. There are some compilations; if you are tired of the conventional music, or simply bored of your favourite music, you should visit the links that I’m going to write here and let your computer working for some hours (i.e. downloading the entire collection).
There’s nothing more to say, I think. I hope your ears have a nice time 🙂


i returned from bcn past monday, it’s a shame that i had to leave that wonderful place. bcn stimulates the mind, makes you creative, and so on. everybody should pass some days there and let the ideas flow.
as a result of that staying we (sardu and me) had some great ideas and probably we’ll apply them in future productions. be prepared!! 😛

not music today!

some people have asked why I haven’t put a music section in the site. the reason is so simple: you can download most of my music from modulez, besides, I’m trying to imagine something more interesting than a mere songs list. And when I have it, I’ll put it here!

By the way, I think I have fixed the css bug that made the menu disappear in mozilla and opera. If you are using some of those browsers and still find some problems, please tell it to me. thank you!