ipod utils

I have been testing a pair of ipod applications in my ipod mini, and here are the results of my tests!
First one was the iFeedPod. This one allows you to use the Notes function of the ipod as a RSS reader.

It still lacks a bit of user friendliness. For example, I tried to import my bloglines opml file and it didn't allow me to select the file (which was called export.xml) until I manually changed the extension to .opml. A bit stupid but hey it could have warned, or something like that.
Also, if one of the feeds does not load for whatever reason, it will stop and say that all the feeds have been synched (which is not true), so you will finish with an incomplete sync.
On the other hand, and although I am not sure if that's the program's fault, all the blogs hosted at blogspot do not show any other thing apart from "div".

This program has also invited me to unsuscribe from blogs which just show summaries and not the complete entries, by the way... How am I going to click on "read more" while I am several feet underground in my travel to work? bah...!

Finally I also tested goPod. This is also very useful for ipods bought in the European Union, as seems like Apple is forced to "cap" the maximum possible volume, to avoid people getting deaf by listening to very loud music. But maybe they didn't think of music which is recorded at a very low level or badly mastered. For these cases, this program changes a pair of bytes in the ipod firmware and allows you to listen at whatever volume you like, without any restriction.