Getting a micro SIM (a tale of efficiency, II)

I got a new phone recently that requires a micro SIM... which I didn't have. Before starting to go through Internet forms and stuff, I decided to ask at the closest Three shop. And I realised that I should have done it earlier!

I went in, explained my case (I am already a Three customer). The guy asked me for my existing SIM card, and told me he could cut it to micro SIM size, which surprised me to no end! I didn't know these things could be cut that liberally. Anyway, he did that, and also gave me a normal-SIM-sized adaptor so that I could plug the now-micro SIM into a normal SIM phone if needs be.

That's it.

Obviously, being a developer, I couldn't believe it would work THAT EASILY. So I told him: I'm going to make sure it works, if you don't mind!. I plugged my new-old-SIM into place, and turned the phone on. Within seconds, it had connected to the network and I was already getting an H signal (H for HDSPA, the "3.5G" network). WOOOOOW!

I thanked him and walked out of the door, almost dizzy with so much efficiency.


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