Invest in the future: build for the web!

I spoke at GOTO Amsterdam a few weeks ago. I was really thrilled to be back in the Netherlands after so many years! So thanks to Sergi Mansilla, who curated the HTML5 track, and the organisation in general for bringing me there!

The talk wasn’t recorded, but I made a screencast just in case you really want to listen to me. I am also posting the outline/notes I wrote, and they differ in places because I don’t read them during the talk (I don’t even have them handy) and I sometimes went a bit off topic, but that’s the beauty of improvisation!

Here are the slides, and the slides source code just in case you wanted it too.

On to the notes-expect some MASSIVE GIFs and amazingly clever photomanipulation! tee hee hee!
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Speaking at GOTO Amsterdam 2014

I’ll be speaking at GOTO Amsterdam next month too! The talk title is Invest in the future: build for the web!

See you on Friday 20th of June, 13:20-14:10h!

My first favourite thing about this conference is its name. As a Child of the 80s anything with a GOTO on it is surely going to be amusing, despite Dijkstra’s concerns with regards to the GO TO statement.

My second favourite thing about this is that I also got a discount code with my name: use PENA100 for a 100 euros discount on the ticket price.

And the third and best favourite is that they used my not-serious job title in my email signature for my profile on their website: Troublemaker & GIF Hacktivist at Mozilla, and I am not going to ask them to change it because it’s GREAT.

That’s right, kids, I’m a GIF HACKTIVIST, and proud of it!