Mozilla Brick 1.0 + Hacks post!


Today two very exciting things happened:

  1. Mozilla Brick 1.0 was finally released! That means that we can now… start working on 1.1! YAY, WE NEVER STOP!
  2. Angelina’s article on Brick + X-Tag and web components in general was published: Custom Elements for Custom Applications – Web Components with Mozilla’s Brick and X-Tag

I have worked in both things (more in Brick than in the article, which I just helped edit) so it’s naturally obvious that I’m excited they’re finally published. And also since the article is Chapter 1 (as mentioned in my post), that means that next week you get Chapter 2–i.e. my article.

Stay put, friends. It’s going to rock. Almost literally.

“Mozilla’s new technologies” (for Mozilla Power’13)

I was going to “manifest” myself in Cairo via the powers of videoconferencing for Mozilla Power’13, but connectivity issues happened, so I recorded a screencast with my talk:


Here’s hoping the Mozilla Egypt community is having a great event 🙂

Do send me any questions you might have about the topics I discussed, and I’ll do my best to answer them!

Speaking at GDG Barcelona DevFest 2013

Since apparently the description from my JSConf.EU talk was quite enticing, I’ve been asked to re-run the same session –or something equally fancy/funny– at Barcelona’s DevFest next Friday, 11th of October. I can’t go and do the very exact same thing, so I decided to add new and improved stuff and do the talk in Spanish AND screencast it so people who don’t speak English have a chance to get inspired/mad by my crazy ideas.

The talk is at 12:05 in the “Auditorio Vertex”.

I will also be running a hybrid between workshop and talk on Firefox OS with Brick, where I’ll demonstrate some of the new and very awesome features in Developer Tools / Simulator for Firefox OS. If you were in the Mozilla Summit you know what I’m speaking about 😉

The workshop is at 15h at the VXS208* room.

This has been somehow quickly planned so sorry about not warning about it earlier!

*Also, I can’t stop reading VXS208 as “Visual XStudio 2008”

Building web apps, one Brick at a time!

Note: These are the notes on my talk about Mozilla Brick at Over The Air 2013. Sadly it wasn’t recorded, and I got kind of nervous and forgot to press the “REC” button in Quicktime, so I didn’t “screencast” it either. You can also check the original slides for maximum impact.

Mozilla Brick

UI components for modern web apps

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I needed to prepare some slides, but I found the existing HTML+CSS3 systems a tad too complicated for what I needed/wanted. And since I was working on something that used Mozilla Brick components, I decided to see if I could solve this problem, quickly.

Turns out I indeed could! 🙂

Within minutes I had assembled this little script that uses x-deck and x-card to display “slides”: here’s the demo.

Thanks to the help and suggestions of Potch I also added proper full screen support. Wenzel suggestions of making a Mozilla themed version was good too. All easily done!

Fact: I actually used a hacked version of this “hack” for my JSConf EU 2013 talk 😉