Speaking at GDG Barcelona DevFest 2013

Since apparently the description from my JSConf.EU talk was quite enticing, I’ve been asked to re-run the same session –or something equally fancy/funny– at Barcelona’s DevFest next Friday, 11th of October. I can’t go and do the very exact same thing, so I decided to add new and improved stuff and do the talk in Spanish AND screencast it so people who don’t speak English have a chance to get inspired/mad by my crazy ideas.

The talk is at 12:05 in the “Auditorio Vertex”.

I will also be running a hybrid between workshop and talk on Firefox OS with Brick, where I’ll demonstrate some of the new and very awesome features in Developer Tools / Simulator for Firefox OS. If you were in the Mozilla Summit you know what I’m speaking about 😉

The workshop is at 15h at the VXS208* room.

This has been somehow quickly planned so sorry about not warning about it earlier!

*Also, I can’t stop reading VXS208 as “Visual XStudio 2008”

GDG DevFest Barcelona 2012

The Google Developer’s Group DevFest Barcelona 2012 (or GDG DevFest BCN for short) edition was held past Friday the 9th of November.

In contrast with the 2011 edition, the event didn’t feature so many “official” Google evangelist talks as in 2011. Instead, there were several local start-ups talking about their experience using Google and open technologies such as HTML+Javascript for building their products, rather than Google-sanctified talks only. Also, there were two tracks at the same time (Android and Web), plus several code labs which were definitely pretty hands-on, so even if they had financing problems this year, the organisers still managed to produce a really good event.

I didn’t take as many notes this year, instead I turned to drawing a few speakers and live-tweeting the others (with pics, because otherwise it didn’t happen).
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