Service Workers in iOS?!!!!111one

Someone has spotted a bug in WebKit’s Bugzilla with a patch for implementing Web IDL and stub for Service Workers.

The “PWA community” is 🔥 on fire 🔥 on Twitter right now.

I find this amusing, as I think it was only yesterday that I was reading Yet Another Rant in Medium by someone who had to learn React Native instead of just building a website, because iOS didn’t support Service Workers, also accusing Apple of not supporting the Web because it doesn’t make them any money directly. I don’t think that was the straw that broke the camel’s back, but it’s a funny coincidence.

I also don’t know where the rant is, as people share so many Medium “pieces” in twitter and I find it hard to differentiate between them. I also often just open in an incognito window out of habit so I can’t even find it in my history.

Anyway, I’m excited! It won’t be implemented next month (I reckon), and we’ll probably have to wait until the next big iOS roll out that ships a new Safari, but it is nice to see movement rather than a stern ‘under consideration’. In the future, you will not need to build two or more different versions of a native app, using different programming languages, in order to get offline support, push notifications, etc, etc. Yay!

I’m also secretly happy that WebKit use Bugzilla as well. There’s something about shared pain that fortifies the soul… 😂

Securing your self-hosted website with Let’s Encrypt, part 8: more cool things about Let’s Encrypt

PHEW! That was a lot of blog posts in just a couple of days, but I wanted to make sure that individual ‘topics’ had their own URL so people can link to the bit that they find more interesting and ignore everything else.

To finish, I would like to present together a number of interesting and cool facts about Let’s Encrypt which I omitted before because they were not directly related to using it.

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