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Photo by Shirley Glua, from CascadiaJS 2013


I'm a Senior Engineer working at Mozilla in the Apps team (here's my joining Mozilla post, and my six months at Mozilla post). We build web apps and help people build apps too. If you're trying to build an app and have issues, visit our team at #apps in irc.mozilla.org and we'll help you. Or just hang out there and show us what you've done!

I also speak at events from time to time. Say "hi" if you read this!

In my free time I like building music and graphics experiments with JavaScript + Web Audio + WebGL, hopefully in real time. Here's my portfolio. I also like composing music, taking pictures, live sketching and drawing in general and writing, and reading. I'm a bookworm and love bookstores and libraries.

I'm also literally slowly getting into running. I'm a very slow runner but I'm getting better. I walk quite a bit too (about 7 km each day), and I truly enjoy and wholeheartedly recommend it.

If you're into social networking, I've got a few links for you:

Oh, and I don't own a TV or watch it either.

Setup & tools of trade

Since I get asked this quite a bit...

My work machine is a late 2012 MacBook Air 13", running Mac OS X 10.8.5 (yep, not updated to Mavericks yet) MacBook Pro Retina 13" Early 2013 running Mavericks. I find it a bit too heavy so I'm looking forward to MacBook retinas. My personal machine is a MacBook 2010. I also have a 2008 self-assembled QuadCore desktop with ArchLinux, which I haven't booted up in a year.

I use MacViM/vim/gViM for editing text, and my profile is git-versioned so it's easy to set up in new computers. My main browser is Firefox Nightly---I live in the very bleeding edge! Here's more info about my (not so) current setup.

My cellphone is a Nexus 4 5 running Android soon to be replaced by a Firefox Flame "full time", and I also use a Firefox Flame, Nexus 4, ZTE Open and Geeksphone Keon to test/run Firefox OS.

In the past...

Some noteworthy things I did in the past (excluding work-wise):

I co-run xplsv.tv from 2004 to 2010. I wrote most of the core server code, and at times it was serving an insane amount of pages per day with just one server, so I'm kinda proud of that. I also took over escena.org, the Spanish demoscene site, in 2006, and rewrote its code twice, although it's now mostly stagnant---perhaps the Spanish demoscene is dead, after all.

I organised ifparty, the demoscene party in my university, from 2003 to 2005. We got people from all over Spain coming to our humble little event and we hacked on and watched demos. It was great!

I also programmed, made music and maybe even some art for demoscene productions, mostly under the ppg and xplsv groups. I've tried collecting them all in my demoscene page, but it's still incomplete. One day, one day... I've sort of "abandoned" pure demoscene stuff for now because I want to experiment with more interactive works.

I also hosted a radio show while at the uni. I only have a tape recording of a show and it's not even digitalised so you'll have to get content with knowing that fact alone. It was a funny experience and I got to live DJ with vinyl a bit, some days, if I was awake enough (the show was at 8 AM on Fridays).

Random facts, because why not?

  • I learnt to read when I was 4, and programming with Logo when I was 8.
  • I was once stung by a massive bee, and survived.
  • When I visit a new town I look for the best coffee instead of the famous sights.
  • I love ruins and abandoned houses.


If your question is work-related (i.e. you want me to speak at your event) send an email to sole (at] mozilla.com, otherwise...

... send an e-mail to hello [at) soledadpenades.com. But don't send me support requests for any of my projects here. Just don't. File issues in the appropriate places so that everyone who has the same problem can find it using a search engine and benefit from the solution.

NOTE: It might take me months or years to reply. I get many emails. If you want a quicker+shorter answer, try twitter.

If you're looking for Soledad Penadés, Doctor in Chemistry, look here instead.