more me
Photo by Shirley Glua, from CascadiaJS 2013


I'm a multifaceted individual who has worked in various places. I was at Mozilla for a long time working as Engineering Manager at the Developer Tools team. I then worked as Engineering Manager at an exciting fintech here in London.

I am now working at topi with a bunch of really knowledgeable people!

Third person bios for conferences and journalists and etc

  • Short bio: Creative browser crashologist. Building real time audio+graphics experiments with JavaScript; breaking half the browsers in the process. Formerly at Mozilla.
  • Longer bio: Sole has been building real time stuff for longer than she can remember. She worked at Mozilla, helping making the Web the best platform (in general) and the best platform for realtime (in particular). She likes to write demos to test and spread awareness about new features, often involving Web Audio, WebGL, GIFs and/or cats, and breaks various browsers and reports an unspeakable number of strange edge cases in the process, all in pursuit of a robust platform that is a joy to develop for. She's also a very nice manager that cares about people and getting them to grow as engineers.

Random facts, because why not?

  • I learnt to read when I was 4, and programming with Logo when I was 8.
  • I was once stung by a massive bee, and survived.
  • When I visit a new town I look for the best coffee instead of the famous sights.
  • I love ruins and abandoned houses.


Send an e-mail to hello [at) soledadpenades.com.

But don't send me support requests for any of my projects! Just don't. File issues in the appropriate places so that everyone who has the same problem can find it using a search engine and benefit from the solution.