cleaning up the mess

Everyone of us has to undo the mess in our harddisk drive. And then we find things that we forgot we had downloaded, for example music files. I try to be accurate in their classification, but usually it ends in a complete boredom of empty folders (elektro, pop, techno, blablabla, ...) and just one called "download_mp3" where every mp3/ogg goes, hahaha. So today is the day that I have to order this mess and I have found some of that forgotten files. More concretely, these consist in music from the russian group lumeny. I don't remember how did I find that group, maybe it was from a link at toxicosmos page. Well, the fact is that they are a very interesting pop group - although I don't understand anything of their lyrics. So I put here a link to their page (with a really cool design, by the way) and a link to the music section, where you'll be able to download the music I am speaking about. They are really great!