cold cold weather!!

Well, I am in London finally. I have had yet some little adventures, like getting lost in chinatown while looking for a 'mobile phone unlocker', asking for some english courses info at an infopoint (where nobody knew the answer to anything I asked), and explaining lots of people where are the must-see places at Oxford Street and Leicester Square (maybe my skin has taken now the english colour now and I don't appear as foreign anymore xD). The most strange thing at all is when chinese people (tourists, of course) ask me about Chinatown. It's something I can't get used to, sorry!

And nothing else by the moment... ahhh... I forgot about the weather! To be british, we must speak about the weather at least once a day. And today has been a great day... nothing to compare with past friday, i think (10ºC in september! oh my god! I wouldn't have believed it some years ago if someone had told me about!)