roterfleck netlabel launch (music takes you anywhere)

Whops! I couldn't write about this before... Last 1/2 october there was the launch of the roterfleck collective netlabel project. These guys have a great experience doing live acts with dj+vj features and now have dared releasing their own music under a netlabel, called roterfleck too.

For this time, they released two EP's (AMB's and Neurokin's ones), and a compilation with music from different artists -in which one of my songs (destructive trends) does appear too-.

The public release of the project was a complete success. xplsv did the visuals and roterfleck staff did the musical part. First Neurokin with his girlfriend played live their EP (including real accordion parts and vocals sung by them!), then AMB showed us their blame vision and after that Mayte first and Neurokin then did their best at the turntables. A really nice event!

I had always wanted to participate in a netlabel so this is a long time wanted achievement. I'm so happy with that and I'm looking forward for more collaborations with them. Enjoy the music! (Needless to say, downloads are free)