googlism: maybe not a very good idea

Some days ago, I suddenly remembered the complete names of my ex-bosses, and I felt the imperious need to do some googlism with them. Something like... what are they doing now? are they being as productive and efficient as me? ;)
But I shouldn't have done that!! From four names (yes, a very good ratio bosses:employees xD), just three appeared on google. One was just an appearance on a listing from the old students association on the university he studied in. Other had three results, all from my ex-work enterprise - just self publicity, nothing really relevant. And finally... the worst of all... the one which was my projects manager and which was supposed to have a general knowledge of the tools we were using for the projects we developed... ahem... he was sending messages to the general list with such relevant topics as how to show only the ten first characters of a string which is longer than 255 characters.
Absolutely stunning.
I was under the plans of someone which wasn't able to look in the php manual by himself for such a STUPID question, during months and months. I really felt like an idiot! So if you don't want to feel like that... do not dare to google about your employers... ;)