Mail notifiers fever

Some days ago, someone was very excited about the new google thingie: a gmail notifier for mac os X. I said: ok, I had not seen it but I don't think I'll install it.

- Why?? It's so useful!

- Because it disturbs me...

and yes, windows which open suddenly and notify me of messages make me lose concentration, as I want to read instantly the messages and see what do they say, and that means stopping completely what I was doing until that very moment, so that's why I don't like mail notifiers to be on.

E-mail is supposed to be used asyncronously. You send me the message and whenever I can, I'll read it and maybe I'll answer you. I don't think we need to constantly check if we have new e-mail messages as it is another technique to get stressed and lose productivity. I definitely say NO to e-mail notifiers. In fact, I even try to work with the e-mail program completely closed. I don't want to listen any ding if a new e-mail has arrived. I'll see all when I have spare time to read them carefully, not in a rush

Let technology make your life easier, not more complicated!