MIT OpenCourseWare

I had read about the MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology) intentions about releasing their knowledge archive and make it publicly available some day, maybe a few years ago. For some reason I have reached their page again and I have realised that they have finally done what they promised.. which is really GREAT! There are lots of courses in lots of subjects and areas. I have been taking a non-in-depth look and it's really promising. There are notes, even whole books, all of them available without annoying pop-up windows, no need for subscription, anything, free knowledge as the internet gurus said once it should be.
I am a kind of self-taught person so this news is very cool for me. It means I can read interesting subjects without fearing the data is wrong or something like that.
It's a pity other universities in the world don't do the same. Everybody would get benefit from it, even themselves. Trust me, it's a very good news.