Suddenly I remembered something, maybe quite trivial.

Seventeen years ago a cousin of mine decided to make me a gift. I don't remember which was the reason. Maybe it was because of my birthday, or because of my first communion (you know, those catholic habits of being consumerists when something special is going to happen). The thing is that we went to the shop were everybody went to get clothes, but this time it was quite special. She bought me a jogging suit! I didn't had a real jogging suit before, just some trainers, but not the whole (trousers + trainers).

In fact it was really tacky. It was pink! The same pink of Pink Panther, Barbie and many other famous icons which wear pink everywhere. In fact we also had to return it because after the initial euphoria my mother decided that it was too small for me. Hum, I even had started to like pink (I never liked pink and even less pale pink). But hey, ok, let's change it for something bigger.

We went to the shop again and this time I chose one which was a bit more unisex. That one was blue and yellow and had a image of a man skying on a mountain, and a "SKIERS" written on a side.

The trousers reminded me somehow to Elvis Presley. I had seen a special about Elvis some days ago and the way they were and how they reacted to my movements reminded me a lot to those wide bell-like trousers he wore around the seventies.

I was really happy with that jogging suit. I even used it for committing my biggest adventure in years (I'll relate it other day, it's so long for this entry!). But years passed, the jogging suit got small for me, it disappeared from my life and I didn't remember about it again until today, I don't know why.

And my cousin, she's gone too, some weeks ago. 30 years, a daughter and a cancer.

We are so trivial...