Blog gardening

So, if somebody of you notices that I'm not reading your blog anymore, don't worry. Just stop wondering (and mental wandering) about the blog concept in itself and start writing interesting content again.

I've had enough of metaphysical discussions about the motivations of blogging, the community around blogs, the power of blogs in the current society, how they can replace journalism, the pure information they can provide to the public, the endogamic blog awards and books about blogs (which aren't books but simple PDFs which I could also generate and distribute in my blog for talking about my blog and the book which is featured in my blog).

Enough is enough: I am unsuscribing from every blog which has used the word blogosphere in the last three days.

I'm also unsuscribing from blogs which do not have a decent RSS feed (i.e. incomplete summaries, wrong formatting, they get updated but do not say what so all articles appear the same, etc).

So if there's still someone there: please write content. Create it yourself. Stop talking about the same fuss which everybody is talking/copying and pasting. Be creative and interesting.