Dodgy hotdogs (no pun intended)

I was walking to take the bus when I passed near the hotdog post near Tottenham Court Road station. The powerful roasted onion flavour caught my nose immediately as was expected (I'm a big fan of roasted vegetables!) and then I wondered: why do people depreciate so much these hotdogs, saying they are a major health menace, but then they go to any of those big fast food chains and have the big menu with fries, biggest carbohidrated drink and whatnot? I mean, at least in these hotdogs you can see the onion being fried, same for the frankfurt sausages, and that's something which you can't see very easily in the fast food chains. Maybe you may think the oil is the key of all the horrors but I refuse to admit that the oil for the hotdogs is less healthy than the other one.

The power of advertising is amazing, without doubt.