Euskal 14 live report (IV)

I have just finished voting for high quality compo. That has been really hard, since the system forces you to vote for at least 10 entries. I wasn't unable to find 10 decent songs in the compo. AAARGH!

And some time before an stupid journalist has arrived asking dumb questions such as "Have you come here to download something? I can't believe you haven't downloaded anything now that you're here!" Then he's gone towards someone else who said he was busy and then they have gone to ask blackpawn more of their brilliant questions. We said: he's american, he won't understand you. But he replied: oh I think he really understands me, in fact he doesn't look as american, he looks as from Calatayud in fact.

And his last question for blackpawn has been something like:

"So do you have an eroski travelcard?"
I am still surprised, given that eroski is an spanish supermarket chain... :-|