Google code Web authoring statistics

I-don't-know-how but I ended today at Google Code's Web Authoring Statistics. It has been a quite interesting read and it has kind of confirmed several of my personal suspects in the world of the web. More specifically, I liked to read this pair of following facts -knowing that they were written by someone from Google-:

  • most of the < meta > tags are useless, excepting the Content-type and the Description (and seems that is not that useful nowadays, I can read between lines). So, specifying things like keywords, copyright, author name, revisit after, cache control, and so on, is nothing more than an stupid waste of bandwidth.
  • there's still too many people writing a lot of invalid crap into the < body > tag. Please stop using such things as marginheight, topmargin, leftmargin and so on. Do me a favour and use css body {margin:0;} in your css files. Thank you.
All in all is not that bad, I still have some hope for the future of the web. Hehe...

By the way, you'll need a decent browser like Firefox to see the graphics, as they are in SVG format.