If you complain about your computer's hardware...

...this post is dedicated to you!

To begin with, I'm really tired of listening/reading your rantings each time Apple releases a new model because your mac (which was superkewl yesterday) now sucks ass and you desperately MUST replace it with the brand new one.
Even if it wears an evil, demoniac, intel inside, about what you also complained some months ago during hours and hours and lines and lines of chat, saying "omfg it's going to be a mac with a BIOS! how can I use a mac which has a fucking BIOS! it is a damn pc!".
Now that they won't have a BIOS but another system seems like you can accept them and have fallen in love with them. Ok I don't care about it, kudos to you, but please STOP annoying me about my powerbook and comparing it with the new macbooks.
My powerbook keeps being as funky and cool as yesterday. It didn't degrade into a 68000 powered powerbook when Steve Jobs presented the new laptops. Its great G4 processor is still inside and running superbly.
And I keep doing my stuff with it, and will continue like that until it falls disintegrated by the constant use. Or something like that. Because, if I am not using the 100% of the processor power why do I need to upgrade?

This leads to the second point. It really pisses me off when I chat with or receive e-mails from people which try to make music/3D/code/whatever but can't because (in their opinion) they don't have a good equipment. Listen: that's plainly stupid.
I was making music for years with my desktop Pentium II, and I just bought a laptop because I needed mobility. I could have continued with my PII for years, because it simply worked, it didn't turn to be slower each time a new chip was released. Its speed was always the same. Constant. No need for another computer because I always did the same tasks with it.
And hence it sounds to me like you're talking rubbish when you start saying "oh only if I had a better computer, I would do [put here whatever] much better". Shut up and start doing something which makes my jaws fell the floor. If you really want it you will get it, even if you have the most ridiculous computer in earth.

The demoscene is full of good examples of great work made with poor equipment. Please take careful note and don't come back until you have something cool to show me. I don't want to listen to more stupidities for a long time. Thanks.