Internet explorer in linux

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IES4Linux is an script which configures wine and downloads and installs IE in your linux box. I know this is an aberration but it can also serve for making more people switch to linux while still being able to test the sites in the Cancer (i.e. Internet explorer), because of those clients which love to remain in the Paleozoic era of browsers.

You just need Wine and Cabextract which can be obtained with simple apt-gets or with the fantastic ubuntu's Synaptic package manager. Although this is better explained in IES4linux page! I'm still very impressed with the performance of this... Last time I tried wine (like 4 years ago) it was horribly slow, and was unable of opening the simplest program. Now I am able to start the browser and have a complete view of everything, even run javascript properly - everything works fine. I think it's even more stable than the windows environment :D There's another advantage over windows: you can install different versions of IE: 6, 5.5 or 5, all at the same time. Each one is isolated from the others so it's the perfect test environment - something you can't get in windows, where it's very complicated to keep different iexplorer versions coexisting peacefully in the same partition.