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It's been a very busy week and it doesn't seem to go down, but surprisingly for most people, I quite like the feeling of being busy, since it doesn't allow you to spend the time procrastinating and thinking about the divine wonders of the Things That I Would Do If...

Among other things, past week I wwent to the London Flash Platform Users Group Meeting, or shortly lfpug meeting. It was very interesting and I went back home willing to get there soon to be able to download and install adobe flex builder 2 in my mac, as it had just been released that very day and was fresh and risky, as any beta version in this world :)

But I finally installed it yesterday and got almost aslept when trying to compile my simple "hello world" test. Or maybe I was already getting aslept and I thought it was because of flex builder, I don't know. I'll have a look at it later when I sort out more urgent things, I suppose...

I also got escena.org v2 in a usable status (or that I think), when I finally fixed the issues with the Spotlight section. I haven't talked here about the site yet because it doesn't have all the features we've planned for it, but will do when it's in a more advanced status. In any case it seems promising :-)

And in a different topic, just registered on Thursday for my first cakeforge project: cakephpbb, which aims to provide a way of integrating a cakephp application with a phpbb forum. It's something terribly simple, and in fact it has not entirely been developed by me, since it's a result of the collaboration of several people (more of a mash up than anything else). But I've been testing it and already fixed a couple of bugs, and I'm going to provide the documentation for it.

The project was approved yesterday but I won't add any file until monday or tuesday, when I finish the docs (otherwise nobody will be able to use it and it will be a useless project) and get to understand how the cakeforge backend works.

There's more interesting stuff coming in but can't be disclosed yet so you'll have to remain intrigued for a bit more... hope you can stand it :-P