Police show at lunchtime

Here I go with this kind of things that one can find only in London... I was having lunch on my usual square and looking without too much attention at the cars passing by up and down Clerkenwell Road.

One of those cars was a big shiny BMW which was circulating at normal speed... everything seemed normal. Then a policeman makes them signs to stop. They stop and a young driver goes out the car with a redbull can on his hand. I wondered whether there was some law in UK and drivers are not allowed to drink such kind of beverages while driving, who knows. While I was meditating, a police car stops just immediately on the rear of the BMW and two policemen appear on stage.

They start inspecting the documentation of the driver while another policeman uses his radio to communicate something... very seriously. Then one gets some kind of detector from the police car boot and starts inspecting the car. Of course, they had made the other passenger dismount the vehicle. Both the driver and the passenger were young men, quite posh looking. I would say maybe Indian but I am not sure since I was quite far away.

The inspection gets more serious, they start passing their mysterious detector even on the boot of the car. Bags, rear seat... nothing is ignored.

Suddenly one of the policemen enters the car through the drivers door, seats there and... moves the car across the road, to the opposite side of the square.

Meanwhile the driver has been handcuffed, arrested and moved inside the police car.

And the passenger gets alone in the middle of the street with a face like this :-|